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  • Yadea’s ESG Policies Blaze a Trail of Sustainable Innovation in Global Electric Two-Wheeler Industry

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    As the world grapples with an ever-growing urgency to tackle climate change, Yadea (01585:HK), the world’s leading electric two-wheeler brand, is leading the charge with its comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies. By consistently introducing new ESG policies alongside its cutting-edge products and technologies, Yadea has established its position as a sustainable development pioneer within the electric two-wheeler industry.

    “In today’s world, sustainable development is both a global industry consensus and an important benchmark for measuring a company’s value and potential. At Yadea, we champion strong ESG policies and implement them holistically across operations, which in turn has benefitted our business, customers and the planet,” said Aska Zeng, General Manager at Yadea.

    Energy conservation and emissions reductions are two core goals that Yadea continuously strives for as part of its independent contribution to environmental protection. With over 50 million electric vehicles sold in two decades, Yadea has reduced gas consumption by 9.07 million tons and CO2 emissions by 31.63 million tons when compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles, which is equivalent to planting 1.58 billion trees.

    Additionally, Yadea promotes safe, eco-friendly transportation with its annual 717 Cycling Festival, where it encourages consumers to embrace green high-tech travel with RMB 100 million in subsidies for low emissions vehicles. Yadea has also cooperated with government departments and celebrities for the event, and established an alliance to facilitate the safe disposal and recycling of lead-acid batteries.

    Alongside environmental contributions, Yadea continues to support social welfare initiatives in China. In recent years, the company has established five Hope Primary Schools across the nation; founded the Chongqing Modern Manufacturing Vocational College; and provided financial aid to disaster-hit areas. Furthermore, Yadea donated 10,000 new national standard electric vehicles and a large number of medical supplies when COVID-19 hit in 2020.

    As the first electric two-wheeler company listed in Hong Kong, Yadea is committed to developing China’s ESG network and implementing national industry standards and frameworks. In October 2021, Yadea established an ESG Committee to promote modern governance and green transformation. In tandem, it has strengthened disclosure on ESG policies and actively keeps investors and the public updated on green initiatives and results through regular reporting.

    This ongoing commitment to transparency has compounded Yadea’s performance since 2020. As sales soar, global investors have taken note of its growth: Yadea’s stock price has increased nearly tenfold in two years, and its latest market valuation exceeded 33 billion Hong Kong dollars. Moreover, Yadea’s sustainable development achievements have led it to become one of the few Chinese companies rated as an MSCI ESG AAA company in 2021.

    With the green economy emerging as a key development trend, Yadea is poised to play an integral role as an ESG pioneer in the global electric vehicle industry. As the company leads the industry to collaborate, build and share in the potential of sustainable development, Yadea will move the world towards a new era of green technology innovation and help millions to “Electrify Your Life”.

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