Ideal for last mile commute.

Stylish and portable design, smart technology, extremely powerful performance. Offering riders a comfortable, safe and joyful riding experience.

  • YADEA ElitePrime

    The Scooter of Urban SUV

    Front & Rear Polymer Shock Absorber

    1500W Max. Power

    40 Miles Max. Range

    10" Self-healing Tubeless Tires

  • YADEA KS6 Pro

    Freedom in City

    800W Max. Power

    34 Miles Max. Range

    Triple Braking System

    10" Self-healing Tubeless Tires

  • YADEA KS5 Pro

    Enhanced Power and Upgraded Size

    37 Miles Max Range

    21.8 Mph Max Speed

    0.98'' Fork Shock Absorber

    10'' Solid Tires


    10” Care-Free Solid Tires

    17.2 kg Lightweight design

    15.6 Mph Max Speed

    19 Miles Max Range

    Elegant,Comfortable and Safe

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Operating hours: 9AM-5PM, Monday to Friday, PT