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  • Yadea Helps Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 30 Million Tons

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  • Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd. ("Yadea", 01585.HK), a leading electric two-wheel vehicle brand, has revealed that the cumulative sales from its electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bikes and electric kick scooters have helped cut carbon dioxide emissions by 32.4 million tons to date. The news comes in the month of Earth Day 2021 and reflects the company's commitment to do its part in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    The announcement was made during a presentation at its most recent global press conference, where the company officially launched its international brand. The presentation highlighted Yadea's achievements since its inception: the company has sold over 50 million products, reduced fuel consumption by 8.52 million tons and helped reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32.4 million tons — the equivalent of planting 32.4 billion trees.

    "Electric two-wheel vehicles provide an eco-friendly, energy-saving and convenient solution for daily commuting, so at Yadea, we believe we are doing a great thing. With more than 20 years of advocating for green energy technology, we are the world's leading brand in the electric two-wheeler industry. As we celebrate World Earth Day, we look forward to helping more people electrify their lives and reduce their footprint with Yadea," said Heidi Zang, Vice General Manager of Yadea.

    According to the United Nations, electric two- and three-wheeler vehicles can help contribute to clean air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and are the first priority in moving to electric mobility. Calculations show that a shift to 90 percent battery-powered electric motorcycles by 2030 could result in a reduction of CO2 emissions by as much as 11 billion tons between now and 2050. 

    With lower fuel and maintenance costs, electric two- and three-wheeler vehicles can help to achieve a number of SDGs, including Climate Action; Affordable and Clean Energy; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

    With the irreplaceable advantages of electric two-wheelers in environmental conservation and industrial development, Yadea has strengthened its commitment to provide leading integrated solutions that promote green travel around the world. An industry pioneer, Yadea plays a pivotal role in leading the electric mobility revolution. As the company launches its global brand, it hopes to inspire other companies to do their part to achieve the SDGs.

    Yadea launched its international brand on April 15 with the theme #ElectrifyYourLife. During the press conference, the company unveiled its diversified global product matrix, which includes electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bikes and electric kick scooters — providing a leading integrated solution to meet the different travel needs of users around the world.

    At the same time, the company continues to sound the call for more people to help create a greener world: On Earth Day 2021, Yadea shared a post on Facebook inviting netizens to make the planet a better future with the company's zero-emission vehicles.

    About Yadea

    Yadea is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electric two-wheel vehicles including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles and electric kick scooters. Yadea's mission is to use its market leadership to inspire a movement towards greener travel solutions and its vison is to create world-leading electric vehicle solutions by building innovative technologies that meet and exceed international standards for safety and quality.

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