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  • The First Term Yadea Global Green Ride Festival Blew a Fresh Wind Full of Happy Aroma in This Hot Summer

  • When the scorching summer stroke, Yadea, the world’s leading electric two-wheeled vehicle brand, brought its first term of Yadea Global Green Ride Festival to gather Yadea’s global users to enjoy the outdoor activity and release dopamine together while raise the awareness of green e-transportation reducing carbon emissions to help cool down summers.

    Started from June 17th, Yadea Global Green Ride Festival was held in various countries such as Germany, Vietnam, Sri Lank successively. Yadea organized users to ride on e-bikes, e-scooters and e-motorcycles running through landmarks, streets, alleys, fields and forests.

    The festival reached its peak on July 15th, a carnival held in the Moon Lake, Yangzhou, China, blew the festival’s excitement off the roof. Global users were invited and flew a long-way to gather here. In the various interactive activities and the night concert, people laughed, played and danced like a family without individual boundaries.

    Yadea is going to make the Global Green Ride Festival a fixed routine from June 17th to July 17th every year. Since its foundation in 2001, Yadea has provided high-performance products to 70 million users over 100 countries and regions, and ranked world’s No.1 in annual sales for the past 6 consecutive years. However, What Yadea is dedicated to pursuing is not selling how many products but to supplying a happy, convenient and user-centered way of e-mobility, to generating a green commuting lifestyle. Through this festival, Yadea wants people from all over the world regardless of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds to cheer and enjoy happy outdoor rides within groups or communities to enjoy the summer, nature and life.

    The other main purpose of Yadea Global Green Ride Festival, as its name suggested, is appealing for sustainability and green transportation. The urgency of reducing green house gas is pressing, people are physically feeling the serious consequences clearer and clearer. Switch to a green commuting lifestyle is one of the easiest way to make contributions every day without extra efforts or notices. Compared with cars, electric two-wheelers are more flexible and convenient in traffic jams. However, e-motorcycles, e-bikes, e-scooters and e-kick-scooters are less familiar with locals in many countries. Through the Global Green Festival, Yadea wants to demonstrate and raise the awareness of such green commuting lifestyle.

    Yadea's dedication to environmental advocacy is deeply rooted in its mission to provide energy-saving and environmentally-friendly transportation options.It has consistently been at the forefront of green and sustainable electric transportation. Yadea’s accumulated 70 million users together with Yedea has reduced of almost 35 million tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting over 1.7 billion trees and reducing petroleum consumption by near 9.8 million tons.

    Please join in the Global Green Ride Festival to enjoy a delight outdoor adventure together while also attribute to a green commuting lifestyle. Get on the saddle, start to paddle, win a kudo, be an idol.

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