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  • Yadea Celebrates World Environment Day with Commitment to Green Mobility

  • Shenzhen, China. Jun 5, 2023 - As the world comes together to celebrate World Environment Day, Yadea, the leading innovator in electric two-wheeled vehicles, proudly reaffirms its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable transportation solutions. Yadea has continuously championed the cause of green mobility, taking energy-saving technology in product development and promoting low-carbon travel, spreading the concept of green mobility through brand activities, and targeted marketing campaigns.

    Yadea's Commitment to Green Sustainability

    Yadea has consistently been at the forefront of the sustainable electric transportation. Over the course of 20 years, Yadea has accumulated over 70 million global users, resulting in significant environmental benefits. This is a reduction of near 35 million tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 1.7 billion trees and reducing petroleum consumption by 9.8 million tons approximately.

    On World Earth Day, April 22nd 2023, Yadea, alongside its global community of low-carbon advocators, collaborated in planting a 63-acre sea-buckthorn forest in the Ordos region of Inner Mongolia, which is approved by a large-scale Green Foundation as the public welfare partner. Yadea's commitment to green mobility extends to its marketing efforts, such as hosting green cycling festivals and offering green subsidies to raise awareness and promote the adoption of electric two-wheelers.

    Driving a Greener Future with Global Expansion  

    This spring, Yadea launched its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) website reaching global markets, planning to offer a diverse selection of signature e-bikes and e-scooters, catering to individuals from all walks of life and various usage scenarios. With this expansion, Yadea aims to encourage more people to transition to electric two-wheeled vehicles.

    The website showcases Yadea's first product on the platform, the KS6 Pro, an ideal entry-level e-scooter. The electric scooter is powered by a 500W brushless DC motor with a peak power output of 800W, providing a top speed of 30 km/h (18.6mph) in accordance with the regulation, and an impressive range of up to 55km (34miles) on a single charge. Designed to be sturdy, cost-effective, and corrosion-resistant, the KS6 Pro stands out for safety and comfort features with a dual shock-absorbing fork and 10-inch self-healing tubeless tires to reduce bumps and vibrations on the road for comfortable travel over rough terrain.

    To celebrate World Environment Day, Yadea is providing each consumer with a generous green shopping allowance of over $130, encouraging them to embrace green mobility.


    Safe, Convenient, and Environmentally-Friendly Travel

    As Yadea celebrates World Environment Day, the company's commitment to developing innovative solutions that promote sustainable transportation remains steadfast. Through technological advancements, eco-conscious initiatives, and dedication to quality, Yadea continues to shape the landscape of green mobility, inspiring a global movement towards a more sustainable future.

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